1501 6 in 1 Multi-Function Screwdriver Kit with LED Portable Torch


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6 in 1 Multi-Function Screwdriver Kit with LED Portable Torch

Multi screwdriver is a must have for all domestic house holds. It is easily Foldable and gives access to the tool which you require. The kit is highly portable and comes in handy when required. The torch ensures Light even in dark or poorly lit environment that allows you to get your fix up done. 

A handy 6-in-1 multi screwdriver kit is Ideal for the Professional or Keep in your Cars Glovebox in Case of an Emergency. So you will never have to find that Unique size Screwdriver for the right fit ever again.  It also has a light that switches on with the push of the button at the bottom so you can see clearly, Each screwdriver releases easily and locks in place when in use and not in us. New and high-quality Integrated torch for use on its own or to illuminate working area when using the screwdrivers magnetic tool holder CRV steel alloy heads Extra heavy duty screwdriver tool kit locking mechanism Electrically insulated heavy duty handle & magnetic screwdriver stems Handy clothes clip Lightweight, compact design.

Product Features : 

It comes with sixmost needed screwdriver tips. Never misplace screwdriver bits again with this unique patented folding arm design. The tool has a worklight for working in dark spaces and a LED flashlight
LED Torch
This multi-functional screwdriver kit comes with 6 LED torches. It helps you to fix screws in the dark, as well as in low light.
This set is very handy and portable. It is a must have for all domestic households. You can carry this anywhere you go and fix all your problems.
This product is made of durable quality material. It is long-lasting and ideal for fixing any screws and hinges.
Small and compact the tool is easy to store. Keep one in your kitchen drawer, tool box, car, RV and any places where a screwdriver could be handy.
Non-slip tough shaft ensures greater comfort and convenience. Tools kit for car & bike special tools and drill bit set.


Manufacturer by
DeoDap International Private Limited
Green Land Chokdi,
Markeng Yard F-7,
Rajkot-360001, Gujarat, India
Contact : +91 9624666631
Email : info@deodap.com

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