5 in 1 Mobile Gamepad Controller Joystick with l1 r1 Trigger for 4.5-6.5 inch Android iOS Phones (Black and Red)

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  • ‰÷ɋېTwo Buttons +Two Gamepad•_öCan be elongated•_ä+joystick‹ÛÔGamepad can reduce hand fatigue, game buttons can bring you a better experience.‰÷ÉEach button has been personally tested by the staff in the PUGB game, picking out high-quality, high-sensitivity products, so you don‰۪t have to worry about quality.
  • ‰÷É ‹ېWide Compatability‹ÛÔ These Mobile game PUBG triggers support almost games on Android or IOS phone, and our mobile game triggers are perfectly compatible for shooting games including PUBG, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops, etc. Play Like A Pro ‰ÛÒ Fortnite and PUBG Mobile game controller. This mobile controller with L1R1 triggers by Mobile Squads will take your gaming skills to the next level, simulating a game controller
  • ‹ېSupported Devices‹Ûԕ__Designed for games on iPhone and android, PUBG, Fortnite, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royale,Critical Ops.As long as the game allows customize and drag the keys, you can play with best guest mobile game controllers.
  • Perfect Design: 1. The ergonomic grip brings you a comfortable feeling to relax your hand fatigue for the long-time gaming; 2. An opening at the side of each handle for accessing earphone or charging your phone while gaming and ‰÷É Comfortable Mobile Game Grip - The mobile gamepad uses ergonomic grip design, making you keep comfortable and not sweat after playing games for a long time.The game phone handle can be fold into an egg,so you can bring it and play game anywhere and anytime.
  • Phone Protection: There are sponges in the contact section of cellphone and gamepad, they can protect your phone from scratches when gaming, so you do not need to worry about scratching your phones

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5 in 1 Mobile Gamepad Controller Joystick with l1 r1 Trigger for 4.5-6.5 inch Android iOS Phones (Black and Red) Price List

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