0046 Effete Hazelnuts Chocolate (96 Gms)


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  • Effete Chocolate Coated Roasted Hazelnuts Chocolate

    Our chocolate covered hazelnuts are sure to be a hit among hazelnuts lovers! Chocolate lovers will also enjoy the sweet nuttiness that hazelnuts bring to this unique treat. Our round roasted hazelnuts are generously dipped in luscious dark chocolate for a snack that wows.

    Effete Chocolate Hazelnuts

    Calling all hazelnut lovers! You’ll be head over heels for our organic chocolate hazelnuts. This treat combines whole roasted hazelnuts with a generous coating of smooth chocolate. Enjoy a handful of our chocolate hazelnuts as an afternoon treat or as a healthier sweet option after dinner.

    Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

    chocolate covered hazelnuts are a delicious treat. Our fresh and crunchy dry roasted hazelnuts are generously coated in smooth and sweet chocolate. This is one of the best nutty-chocolate combinations there is! Enjoy chocolate hazelnuts just as they are, or with a tall glass of milk

    Rich Taste

    Effete Chocolate coated hazelnuts are made of best quality hand picked dry fruits. The chocolate coating is rich in taste and give a good feel of eating chocolate. Best for consuming during the day and best for gifting to friends and family.

  • Shelf Life: 360 days ; You will receive product with minimum life shelf of 180 days.
  • Attrative pack of chocolates, perfect gift pack for your loved one
  • Effete Chocolated Coated With Hazelnuts Enjoy Assorted Chocolicious Nuts
  • These Crunchy Nuts Drenched In A Smooth Confection Are So Addictive You'Ll Definitely Be Back For Seconds. Our Chocolicious Dry Fruits
  • All our products are made using high quality ingredients and customer satisfaction is our primary concern.



Manufacturer by
Ultimate Confectionery Company (Effete)
Plot no. 21 A,B, Haripar Industrial area,
Kalawad Road, Haripar(Pal),
Rajkot - 360005, Gujarat, India.
Contact : +91 9537169696
Email : info@uccchocofarm.com

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