0204 Green Mice Glue Traps (1pc)


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Mice Pad-Non-Toxic Odourless Adhesive Sticky Glue Rat Trap Pad 

A Lifesaver in Your home- Let your Save money, time and your sanity in the home and garden, and let adults and children as well as pets away from mice, roaches, spiders, crickets, Bugs, fleas and other Harmful insects or animals, to create a more warm and safe family environmental.
Mouse Glue Traps are non-toxic, disposable traps for catching mice and other household pests, such as crickets, spiders, scorpions and cockroaches. Glue traps are a ready-to-use alternative to spray and chemical pest control. In areas where insects have been a problem, they make a great monitoring tool to assess returning populations.

Strong Glue
  • Premium Glue: Non-toxic formula, reusable, non-toxic, harmless ,environment-friendly, great for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices etc.strong and evenly distributed, easier to catch mice.
  • Extra Sticky Glue: Catch mice and rats more effectively with the stickiest rodent trap glue board on the market. Unlike other mouse and rat glue traps that allow them to escape, ours keep rodents in place to ensure you get that vermin problem under control in no time.
  • Thick Cardboard: It utilize a special cardboard, more thicker and harder, which means it can prevent being dragged away by mice.
How to use
  • Install the product unfolded or bended at the corner or narrow places including wall, sink, side of drainage, and back of refrigerator where rats come out often.
  • It is better to put the foods on the product such as grains, etc in order to raise the capturing effect.
  • Install several traps at the same time in order to raise the capturing effect.
  • It could be less effective in capturing as there is water or oil around the feet of rat, so it is better to avoid the place where there is water or oil around or please put old newspapers or paper before it is installed.

Characteristics of product

  • This is a product that is able to capture insects or pests such as rats, flies etc with the adhesive which is applied. This method is differentiated from the existing method of capturing rats with poisonous substances.
  • It is an eco-friendly product harmless to the human body, of which performance is excellent compared to its price.
  • Large Capture Area: Enjoy greater success when getting rid of rodents with the extra-large capture area of these mouse and rat sticky traps. The larger surface area makes the mice glue traps great for catching big rodents and other house pests such as spiders and roaches.
  • a common mouse trap tool, has the characteristics of colorless, tasteless, safe and environmental protection. It is suitable for other areas which are sensitive to other methods.
  • Such as food factory, pharmaceutical factory, kitchen, etc. Not only can the rat glue boards stick to mice but also stick to insects such as cockroaches, flies, bedbugs and centipedes


  • Traps for Clean and Easy Rodent Removal. Instructions: 1,Open. 2,Tear off the anti-stick buckle. 3, Press and then open, Let the glue appear as shown in the filamentous. 4, Arrange the appropriate bait
  • Durable - Mouse glue has super hard importing paperboard, low profile of these glue boards allows for easy placement, lies flat or can be folded to protect from falling objects and dust, reusable, heightening knob, prevent glue sticking to each other, increase long-term storage time.
  • Glue Trap Can Be Used In Food Plants,Kitchen,Restaurants,Food Processing Plants,Hospitals,Residences,Zoos And Other Sensitive Area Where The Uses Of Poison Is Prohibited.
  • A Lifesaver in Your home - Let your Save money, time and your sanity in the home and garden, and let adults and children as well as pets away from mice, roaches, spiders, crickets, Bugs, fleas and other Harmful insects or animals, to create a more warm and safe family environmental.
  • Safe and Easy to Use - Made of material, safe and non-toxic, just Place it where rats are observed frequently, such as indoor, kitchen, office, meeting room, restaurant, behind appliances, under sink, garage, near garbage areas etc.

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