118 Stainless Steel Gas Cylinder Trolley

118_Steel Gas Trolley

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strongDeoDap Stainless Steel Gas Cylinder Trolley with Wheels/strong Easy Movement for Your Gas Cylinder The Stainless Gas Cylinder Trolley will help you move your heavy gas from one place to another, with ease. Say goodbye to backaches caused by lifting your heavy cylinder around the kitchen. This Stainless Gas Cylinder Trolley does the job for you. Simply place your LPG on it and push it around. Its body is made of strong and durable virgin plastic that can easily bear the weight of a gas cylinder. Well-balanced, Multi-directional Movement, Prevents Scratches.It is loaded with features that make it a must-have tool in your kitchen. You can move this trolley around easily thanks to the four heavy resistancenylon castor wheels it sports. These wheels can move in multiple directions and are placed on the outer rim of this trolley, ensuring that the is well balanced on the trolley. The nylon of these castors keeps your kitchen and house floor without skid marks. You can now move your cylinder seamlessly, in one smooth movement, completely non- hassle. strongGAS CYLINDER TROLLEY/strong This rugged gas trolley is made for extreme Indian kitchen conditions. Its unique multilayer Chrome Plating over stainless steel wire, it has un-matchable rust resistance properties. 100% Stainless Steel. Argon Welded. Multilayer Chrome Plated. Anti-Corrosion layer. Design. Steel Cover Wheels. strongType/strong: Gas Cylinder Trolley strongMaterial/strong: Stainless Steel strongPurpose/strong: Holding gas cylinder strongAdditional Features/strong: Durable and leaves no scratches and rust mark on your floor during moving strongPackage Contents/strong: 1 Stainless Steel Gas Cylinder trolley.

  • EASY TO USE ,Easy to store, pack & carry for outings & picnics , portable, manual and extremely easy to use and clean, You Carry Any Gas Bottle
  • A-Grade Stainless Steel material, Durable and sturdy,This is Made of premium quality rust proof long lasting material, Can hold any standard size LPG cylinder
  • High quality adjustable squared appliance roller base with wheels, heavy duty and fully adjustable for use with any appliance;
  • Fitted with non-jamming, heavy duty & durable swivelling castor wheels for smooth movement and perfect balance.
  • Easily Bear The Weight Of Domestic Gas Cylinders Best Quality Wheels Make It Easily Movable. - Makes Dusting Easy In Your Kitchen Helps You In Keeping It Neat & Clean. - A Beautiful Way To Free Up Some Extra Space In Your Home

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